Integration of hospital EHR with Siemens ADT, Meditech LIS and GE RIS

As a part of a cloud inpatient EHR development and implementation in Verdugo Hills Hospital Health Samurai engineers integrated several existing hospital systems. The integration included Siemens ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer), Meditech LIS (Laboratory), GE RIS (Radiology), PDS pharmacy and FutureNet transcription system. Verdugo Hills Hospital didn’t have a centralized HL7 engine and Health Samurai has developed a module that served as one.

Siemens generated ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer) and MFN (Master File Notification) messages. MedClient EHR developed by Health Samurai for Choice Hospital Systems generated ORM (Order) messages. Meditech LIS (Laboratory Information System) and GE RIS (Radiology Information System) generated ORU (Observation Result) messages. PDS pharmacy generated RDE (Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order) messages. These systems used a variety of HL v.2 subversions and flavors and a wide set of medical terminologies such as LOINC, CPT, RXNORM, ICD9 and different local vocabularies. In addition to that most of these systems heavily utilized Z-segments for relaying custom information.
Inhospital Integration Scheme
A full scale integration project took 5 months. Health Samurai has developed a module for terminology management and mapping of local vocabularies to standard terminologies. Health Samurai has developed an integrated electronic medical record and delivered it to providers via a modern web application accessible from desktop and mobile devices. User friendly physician portal accessible from desktop and mobile devices saved 800 hospital physicians around 4000 hours per month and assisted hospital in bringing physicians on board of EHR implementation project. Hospital successfully reached CMS Meaningful Use objectives and collected millions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments.
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