We develop modern digital health products with use of HL7® FHIR® standard

FHIRbase Open-source

Fhirbase is a relational storage based on the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard for external & internal data information model. It provides scalability, power of rich SQL language and allows you to use a technology of your choice.

Fhirbase got a significant traction among medical technology companies, provider organizations and pharma.
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PostgreSQL - plv8 - HL7® FHIR®


  • Simple SQL API similar to FHIR REST
  • CRUD (create, read, update and delete) for FHIR resources
  • History for FHIR resources
  • Transactions
  • Search
  • Terminology and value sets

FHIR.js Open-source

FHIR.js facilitates working with FHIR servers in JavaScript applications developed with use of Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery or YUI. It implements familiar syntax and architecture.
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JavaScript - Node.js - YUI - jQuery - AngularJS


  • Support of HL7® FHIR® CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations
  • Friendly and expressive query syntax
  • Support of adapters that provide idiomatic interfaces in AngularJS, jQuery, YUI, etc
  • Supports of HTTP basic and OAuth2 authorization

FormStamp Open-source

FormStamp is a set of AngularJS directives for quick defining and linking forms with application data. It allows to simplify prototyping, stylization, data validation, and output of errors.
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JavaScript - AngularJS


  • Written in "pure" AngularJS
  • Has built-in FormBuilder
  • Utilizes Twitter Bootstrap style
  • Has minimalistic codebase

FHIR-schema Open-source

Library for description of FHIR resources StructureDefinitions by means of JSON Schema. It introduces best practices of data structure description and validation from JavaScript world into the world of FHIR.
github repo
JavaScript - JSON - HL7® FHIR®

Foodtaster Open-source

Foodtaster allows to develop complex server infrastructure in the best traditions of agile methodologies. It helps system administrators and DevOps specialists to automate interserver interactions checking. Foodtaster draws together developers and system administrators.
github repo
Chef - Vagrant - RSpec - TDD


  • Utilizes Vagrant and virtual machines
  • Introduces TDD approach into configuring of infrastructure
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