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HL7® FHIR® overview

FHIR®HL7® - HL7® standards
Many developers that move to Health IT often underestimate the complexity of the domain and don't know from what side they need to approach a miriad of standards and specifications. Health Samurai has 10+ years of experience in Health IT and is an active member of HL7 International organization. In this one-day training experienced Health Samurai engineers will provide you with the right starting point. We will briefly familiarize you with existing healthcare information exchange standards and their history. The main part of the training will be dedicated to a modern HL7® FHIR® standard which includes principal achievements of previous standards and excludes many of their demerits.

FHIRbase anatomy

FHIR®HL7® - FHIRbase - PostgreSQL
FHIRbase is a database created on the base of HL7® FHIR® standard and open relational database PostgreSQL for storing of healthcare information. The two-day training from developers of this database, will give you an ability to learn how it is organized and how to use it. The training does not imply deep knowledge of PostgreSQL, main features of which will be introduced as the training proceeds. Interface of FHIRbase is simple though keen insight into its structure will allow you to use PostgreSQL and extend FHIRbase efficiently under your specific needs. Also, we will touch upon a subject of practical use of FHIRbase in production, such as performance configuration, replicaton and backups.

Continuous Delivery

DevOps - Continuous Delivery - LEAN
Contemporary software headily turns from a boxed product into a service. Users want to get new functionality as soon as possible. Delivery cycle of market leadears reduced to days and even hours. Therefore, in order to survive, we should revise and rebuild production process of informaion systems radically, and this is a challenge. Two-day training from HealthSamurai possible will become the first step in this direction. We will introduce the DevOps движением and the philosophy of lean production. We will try best practices and tools allowing to build effective and reliable continuous delivery pipeline.
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